Here’s a list of some people I think are worth checking out;

Jon Skeet

If you’re a regular user of Stack Overflow you’ll probably have heard of Jon Skeet – the man is a genius. I saw him at a SuperMondays event at Northumbria University where he gave a presentation on Async in C# 5.0 and “funky evil code” which blew my mind at how much of a pro he is. What is even more impressive is the fact C# isn’t his main development language – just something he likes to do as a hobby. Oh yeah, and he’s also employed by a small company called “Google”.

Wajeeha Husain

A Graduate Controller at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK and a fellow Computer Science graduate at Northumbria University, Wajeeha and I were on same course together at university and have become good friends ever since. She is a very hard working and ambitious individual who unlike the majority of graduates from our course, has branched off more towards project management rather than software development. She also manages her own cake making business which I urge you to check out; 1001 Indulgences.